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Hello and welcome to our website. My name is Tommy Woods, founder and owner of Home Improvement Services Co. In 1997 I helped a friend of mine with a deck project on his house. Possesing a few tools, some basic construction skills and a lot of enthusiasm we set out to build a structure that even seasoned deck builders would be proud of. It was our goal to build it strong, build it correctly AND to make it look good. When that project was completed I realized just how much I love to build things and to do the job correctly.


As word spread about our deck project I began to receive many calls from friends and family wanting "my help" with their home improvement projects. I took on so many projects as a side job and learned sooo much in just a few years that it wasn't long before I realized "my help", although adding to my skills, wasn't paying very well. In addition, I was working as a project manager for a large scale cabinet manufacturer that went belly up leaving me with no regular income. When that bombshell came thats when I decided to put my skills to use and set out to start my own company. VERY SCARY!!!


The first thing I had to do was decide what my business specialy would be. Realizing I possesed a wealth of knowledge about many facets of the home improvement business, knowing many skilled people that could help me and just plain having a love for that kind of work, I set out to start a company where a homeowner could make one call and get any repair, improvement or remodeling project completed properly on their home in a professional, trustworthy and affordable fashion.


The next item was to come up with a name. Knowing my love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and knowing He always has my back, I wanted to follow HIS lead. Thats when I came up with H.I.S. Company. As I began to use the name I realized interstingly enough that it translated into Home Improvement Services Company. And so it is today!!!


In the last few years our busisness has grown by leaps and bounds. Our list of satisfied customers stretches from Tuscaloosa, Alabama through Birmingham and Madison, Alabama and even into Nashville Tennesse and we will gladly provide you a long list of references. We are now doing complete home remodels and additions as well as still doing some of the handyman work that got us started in this business. We even do home theatres!!! We have made so many friends and satisfied customers that its hard not to smile when we talk about it. We take pride in and LOVE what we do. Please visit us on our Facebook page where you can find a very long list of our past projects, complete with pictures. That link is at the bottom of this page.


In addition we are a member of The Builders For Christ Organization. Each year several hundred dedicated people from across the United states donate a week of their time to help remodel or build a church that is in need of our help. As of now 4 churches a year are built through this organization and I can tell you from a personal perspetive it is one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been involved with. Not only do I get to use my skills in a way that glorifies God but I get to meet and work with so many people who share that same love of Christ.


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you will make the one and only call you will need to make to have whatever home improvement project you have become a reality.

Home Improvement Services CO.

Where Skill Meets Style

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